Trailblazer funding to help prevent homelessness

Trailblazer funding is helping to prevent homelessness in Brighton & Hove. Where people have been eligible and involved with support available, the outcome is successful in 89% of cases.

Responding earlier to risk of homelessness

Brighton & Hove City Council was one of 28 local authorities awarded Trailblazer funding in 2017 to pilot new approaches to preventing homelessness.

We’re using the funding to help people who are at risk of homelessness earlier than legislation requires.

We’ve found that housing issues are resolved with more easily and tenancies are more likely to be carried on when people are offered help at an early stage.

We’ve started home visits to people in at risk households, which helps us to be more inclusive in our homelessness prevention strategy by reaching out to those in need. People are helped with current housing problems and also shown how to plan for future housing need amid the challenges of the Brighton & Hove housing market.  

External Services

Trailblazer funding has also been used to fund several external services:

Peer Education Homelessness Prevention worker

The Peer Education Homelessness Prevention worker runs sessions on homeless prevention. The learning is shared in a range of ways, from small class workshops to whole year groups under the Personal Social Health Education curriculum. The workshops provide an opportunity for young people to gain insight into the realities of planning to leave home and the cost of independent living. The workshops also challenge stereotypes of homelessness. 


Family breakdown is one of the main causes of homelessness in Brighton & Hove. Mediation can help resolve non-violent family disputes. Mediation can also take place between landlords and tenants to resolve issues which could lead to the end of a tenancy.  

Mediation for under-25 year olds is provided by the  Youth Advice Centre and mediation for people aged 25 or older is provided by Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service.

Substance misuse issues

Equinox is a drug misuse service providing support in the city. Trailblazer has led to the creations of a new role. The support worker helps adults are risk of losing their accommodation loss, at risk of losing their rehab placement or already homeless due to substance misuse issues.

Accommodation safety net

Sussex Nightstop provides an accommodation safety net for people who are at risk of homelessness. Volunteer hosts are trained and supported to provide a place to stay in a spare room in their home on a short term basis. The aim is to catch people before they begin rough sleeping, giving vital time to work with the support available to resolve their housing need.

How you can help

If you or anyone you know is at risk of homelessness please get into contact with the ​Housing Needs Team, the earlier we intervene the greater chance we have at sustaining a tenancy.