Making a homeless application

Everyone is entitled to be offered advice and information in finding somewhere to live. However not everyone who is homeless is entitled to accommodation from the council.

Who is entitled to accommodation from the council?

We will decide whether your application meets certain legal criteria before we can tell you what help you will be given. We will look at whether or not

  • you're eligible for assistance
  • you're homeless
  • you have a priority need
  • you're intentionally homeless
  • you have a local connection with Brighton & Hove

If accommodation is provided, it will not be permanent. Permanent accommodation can only be provided by the council when you qualify for an allocation via the Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

Are you eligible?

You will not be eligible for help if

  • you are a person from abroad and subject to immigration control
  • you are not habitually resident in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Are you homeless?

You will be considered to be homeless if one or more of the following apply

  • you or your family have no accommodation which you are all entitled to occupy anywhere in the world
  • you have accommodation but cannot gain entry to it
  • you have a home but we consider that if you continue to live there it is probable that this will lead to violence against you or a member of your family
  • you have a home but we consider that it is unreasonable for you to go on living there

Are you in priority need?

You are likely to have a priority need if one or more of the following apply

  • you have a dependant child who normally lives with you
  • you or your partner is expecting a baby
  • you're 16 or 17 years old
  • you're 18, 19 or 20 years old and have previously been in care
  • we consider that you or someone living with you is ‘vulnerable’ due to old age, mental illness/disability or physical disability; or
  • we consider that you are ‘vulnerable’ because you have been in care, in the armed forces, in custody/remand or have suffered threats of violence; or
  • you're homeless following a fire, flood or similar emergency

Are you intentionally homeless?

We may decide that you have become intentionally homeless if one or more of the following is true

  • you've given up accommodation that you could have continued to occupy
  • you've lost accommodation through your actions that you could have, or should reasonably be expected to have known would cause your homelessness
  • you've made an arrangement with somebody in order to take advantage of the homeless legislation

If we consider you to be intentionally homeless, we will only arrange accommodation for you for a limited period of time. We will still offer you advice and assistance in finding somewhere to live.