Our Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Brighton & Hove City Council can offer ‘Deposit Guarantees’ instead of cash deposits.

The scheme is available to some people we are  assisting who are in need of accommodation.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme will save you having to deal with cash accounts, deposit returns, and the paperwork and costs involved in the government’s National Deposit Protection Scheme, which all landlords who accept deposits must now legally work with.

The guarantee covers any damages (beyond fair wear and tear) which the tenants are responsible for, to a maximum of the equivalent of six week’s rent. An independent inventory will be instructed by Brighton & Hove City Council, subject to agreement with you, and all items listed will be covered by the guarantee.

If your property suffers any tenant damage or neglect, your claim will be settled quickly and efficiently.

What we ask of landlords

  • to meet decent standards of health and safety for your property, and provide us with copies of your Gas and Electrical Safety Certificates and a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate
  • forward any quotes for claims against the deposit as soon as possible (the council cannot be held responsible for damage that we haven’t inspected or work we haven’t approved)
  • obtain competitive quotes for works over £200 and submit these to the council for approval before authorising the work

What we ask of tenants

Tenants need to open a savings account with the local Credit Union and make fortnightly or monthly payments into it. When enough money has been saved, they will hand it to you as a deposit, at which point the guarantee will expire.


If you have a property to let and want to know more about the scheme, call the Acquisitions Team on 01273 292040 or e-mail paul.lucas@brighton-hove.gov.uk and we'll be happy to help.

Local Housing Allowance

The Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the housing benefit for people living in private rented accommodation.

LHA allows landlords and tenants to be clear about the amount of benefit tenants will receive, and speeds up the process of initiating a tenancy and a claim for benefit.

The allowance will normally be paid directly to the tenant every fortnight but, in some circumstances, the council can make the payment to the landlord.

See the Local Housing Allowance section for more information, including the current LHA rates.