Letting your property through the council

The council's is looking for privately-owned homes in the local area to house local families in need of accommodation.

We offer two schemes which can help landlords find tenants for their properties. See the scheme pages for further details of the benefits of each scheme.

Contact us on (01273) 292213 or 292164, or email leasing@brighton-hove.gov.uk to arrange a no-commitment, no-fee appointment with one of our negotiators.


Empty properties

An empty property is at risk of being squatted or vandalised, as well as a waste of a useful resource that could generate a significant income for you and provide a home for someone. If the property’s condition and value deteriorate you may even face enforcement action, including compulsory purchase. If a property remains empty for over two years it now attracts a premium council tax rate of 150%. 

We can offer advice on bringing the property back into use, including advice on VAT reductions on refurbishment costs.

For more information, see our empty properties page or contact the Empty Property Team on 01273 293297 or 293035.