Guide to our private sector housing team services

Environmental Health and Technical Officers

Environmental Health and Technical Officers in the private sector housing team can ask landlords to make homes safe and deal with problems.

The team can take action to deal with

Officers use the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) to consider the health and safety of people living in private residential properties.

If you are experiencing problems with noise nuisance or rubbish accumulations contact Environmental Health.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Definitions differ in different pieces of legislation but for Housing Act purposes HMOs are properties lived in by people from more than one family household, where some facilities are shared. They include shared houses and bedsit properties. They also include some buildings that have been converted into self-contained flats but this depends on when they were converted and how many of the flats are tenanted. In April 2006, mandatory HMO Licensing was introduced under the terms of the Housing Act 2004 and on 5 November 2012 Brighton & Hove City Council introduced an Additional Licensing Scheme for smaller HMOs.  For more information go to our HMO Licensing page.

The Housing Adaptations Team

can help with adapting homes for people with disabilities, both in public and private sector housing. For more information go to our adaptations page.

Energy efficiency

If you are considering making energy saving improvements to your home the governments Green Deal or Affordable Warmth schemes could help you. For more information go to our home energy efficiency page.

Empty properties

The Empty Property Team supports owners to bring their long term empty properties back into use. Officers can also offer advice to neighbours experiencing problems. For more information go to our Empty Property Page.

Financial assistance for home repairs and improvements

If you are a home owner-occupier and are unable to obtain mainstream finance for essential repairs or improvements to your home you may be able to get financial assistance from the council, in the form of a Decent Home Loan, to bring your home up to the government’s Decent Homes Standard. Decent Home Loans are available to eligible home owners for qualifying works at a fixed, subsidised interest rate. They are administered in partnership with Parity Trust, a not-for-profit organisation.

To find out about eligibility for financial assistance before making an application contact us by downloading our enquiry form.

Our Housing Renewal policy covers how Brighton & Hove City Council delivers assistance to private owners and tenants to help repair, maintain or adapt their homes, as financial resources permit.