Buying an Empty Property

The council holds a list of Investors in Brighton & Hove that are actively looking for property to develop.  To be added to this list please email us at with your contact details.  We will ask you complete a short questionnaire to get some information about the type of property you are interested in.  If owners are interested in selling their empty property we will forward this list to them, and they may contact you directly. 

If you identify addresses that you think may be empty, or have an idea of streets where you are interested in investing, call or email us to see how we can help.  We are happy to work through a list of properties to see if we have non-data-protected information that we can provide to you.  We can also write to owners direct with contact details for the interested investor, or a letter from them direct (forwarded by us).

You can find current owners details by contacting the Land Registry or by calling them on 0203 9276 8888.  They can carry out a land registry search on the property, which may reveal the name of the legal owner, although some properties are not registered and there is a chance that they may be out of date.  There is a £3.00 charge for the service.

It is also worth looking at the online Register of Planning Applications.  When a planning application is made the owner’s details (or an agent acting for them) are shown and this information is available to the public.  Sometimes this may also give an indication as to why a property has remained empty; for example if the planning request has been refused and an appeal has been lodged. 

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