Are you getting the best value for your gas and electricity?

There are many electricity and gas suppliers to choose from. You can find out if switching your energy supplier would provide better value for money by visiting the Be an Energy Shopper section of  the Ofgem website. These pages are designed to show that switching energy providers is simple and can save you money. 

Please note: All results given on fuel price comparison websites are quotations only. You are advised to independently check and verify the figures quoted by the website provider and from alternative sources. Brighton & Hove City Council cannot accept responsibility or liability for prices quoted on a third party website.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters being rolled out across Great Britain. They show you how much money you are using in pounds and pence. You will need to contact your gas and electricity supplier to find out how to get a smart meter installed at no extra cost. You can find out more information about smart meters here 

Do you know how much your home electrical appliances cost to run?

Have you ever wondered how much your TV costs to operate for an evening's viewing or how long your washing machine will run for £1?  You can now find out by visiting this interactive cost calculator.

Energy use ratings for new appliances

When you are thinking about buying a new household appliance such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, check the energy label.  These labels give the appliance an energy efficiency rating from A (most energy efficient) to G (least energy efficient).  An ‘A’ rated appliance will use less than half the energy of a ‘G’ rated appliance of the same type - this means half the electricity costs too!

Have you ever wondered how efficient your central heating and hot water boiler is?

 As a guide:-

  • boilers over ten years old have nominal operating efficiencies of between 50% and 65%
  • floor mounted boilers usually have a lower efficiency rating than wall mounted and combi-type boilers
  • boilers that have been serviced regularly should have a higher efficiency rating
  • new boilers have the best efficiency rating which can be as high as 95%. If you have a relatively new boiler and still have the paperwork that came with it there may be an estimated efficiency rating in that documentation which you can use

DIY home energy check

Complete an online DIY Home Energy Check questionnaire on the the Energy Saving Trust website


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