If you are a current tenant of Brighton & Hove City Council or one of our partner housing associations and living in the city, you can apply for a transfer if your home is too big or small for your family. You can also apply if you have serious medical problems made worse by your current housing. If you receive Housing Benefit you need to be aware of the new Housing Benefit rules being introduced by the Government from April 2013.

Transfer applications can also be made if:

  • you live in a house and will accept a low-rise or high-rise flat
  • you live in a low-rise flat and will accept a high-rise flat
  • you live in accommodation where you share a bathroom
  • you need to move to give or receive support
  • you need sheltered housing

If you want to move to a smaller property, you may also be eligible for the Transfer Incentive Scheme.

If you are accepted on to the Transfer List, you will become a member of homemove, our choice based lettings scheme, and you will have to bid for the available properites you are interested in. Please see our choice based lettings page or the homemove website for more information.

Please note - we will not normally accept transfer applications from anyone in breach of their tenancy agreement.

For further information and an application form, please contact the Housing Customer Service team or your housing association or you can now apply online. Please also see our frequently asked questions about transfers page.