Transfer Incentive Scheme

The Transfer Incentive Scheme (TIS) is for council tenants who are living in accommodation suitable for families, have one or more bedrooms that they no longer need and are interested in downsizing or ending their tenancy. Tenants have the option of transferring to another social housing property or moving to the private sector.

The scheme is also available for tenants who have a wheelchair-adapted property they no longer need and who could move to a new home without adaptations (even with the same number of bedrooms), freeing up an accessible property for someone who needs it.

Housing association tenants living in Brighton & Hove and either under-occupying or no longer needing a wheelchair-adapted property can apply to move through Homemove on the Transfer Support Scheme.

How would I benefit from the Transfer Incentive Scheme?

  • you will be prioritised for a move through the Homemove scheme by being placed in Band A, the highest priority band for moving
  • you will be eligible to receive a cash incentive of up to £2,500 following a move
  • our Specialist Caseworker at Homemove can offer support to help the process run smoothly
  • it is likely you will be helping someone with greater needs than yourself
  • you may be struggling to afford paying the rent of a larger property
  • your household running costs, such as gas and electricity charges, will be reduced in a smaller home
  • applying does not commit you to anything - although you should only refuse a property with good reason, you will have the final say about which property you move to and can ask to be removed from the scheme if you wish

Am I eligible for the Transfer Incentive Scheme?

  • you must be a Brighton & Hove City Council tenant who has held a Secure Tenancy Agreement for at least 12 months (Introductory Tenancies are not eligible)
  • you need to live in a house or flat with two or more bedrooms
  • alternatively you may be living in a wheelchair-adapted or accessible property which you no longer require where you wish to move to general-purpose accommodation 
  • you need to have adhered to the conditions of your tenancy 
  • you must not have any rent arrears (although in some cases we will accept an application if you have an agreement in place already to pay arrears off)
  • you can register for our customer online system to check your rent account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Transfer Support Scheme - housing association tenants

There is an alternative scheme for housing association tenants called the ‘Transfer Support Scheme’. This is available to tenants of our partner housing associations who wish to downsize from similar family-sized accommodation or adapted properties. If applicants are accepted, they will be placed in Band A, the highest priority band for moving. This scheme is only available to those wishing to transfer, and not to those who wish to move to the private rented sector.

Please be aware that, unless a housing association offers a payment, the incentive payment is only available for council tenants. Tenants should contact their housing association for further information.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to register please read the scheme rules and complete the Transfer Incentive Scheme or Transfer Support Scheme forms below, and return to the Homemove Team, Fourth Floor, Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JP.

You can also request an application form from your local housing office, or by contacting the Homemove Team directly. Please note that all transferring applicants must also complete and return the main housing application form. For more information, please contact the Homemove Team on 01273 294400 (please select option 1) or e-mail