Tenancy fraud amnesty

Tenancy fraud amnesty graphic

A tenancy fraud amnesty for council housing and temporary accommodation, held between 1 December 2016 and 31 January 2017, returned six homes.

The amnesty offered tenants illegally subletting their homes or keeping a social housing tenancy while living elsewhere, the chance to hand their properties back to the council without fear of legal action. The properties needed to be unoccupied and empty, and tenants were required to sign a surrender notice.

It’s illegal to sublet council or housing association accommodation or keep your social housing tenancy when you are living elsewhere.

Tenancy fraud keeps homes away from the people who need them more.

We have very high demand for housing and high numbers of residents in temporary and emergency accommodation in the city. Getting back as many properties as possible as quickly as possible helps us make sure our housing goes to those most in need. Having properties returned also helps the council reduce its costs.

Following the amnesty, we're running a data-matching exercise to identify illegal subletting and where people are not using their council tenancy as their main home. We will take action against any housing fraud uncovered after the amnesty.

If you suspect someone isn’t living in their council house or is subletting it, report it to us in confidence by calling 01273 291847 or emailing anti-fraud@brighton-hove.gov.uk.