Seaside Homes

After consultation with tenants and tenant representatives, the council set up a not-for-profit, charitable company to raise investment to help improve all council tenants’ homes to the government’s Decent Homes Standard (external website). 

Brighton & Hove Seaside Community Homes is leasing 499 empty council properties. The first properties were transferred in November 2011 and work began on the final 29 properties to be leased in early 2017.

They are all properties which:

  • were vacant
  • were a drain on the council’s housing budget, and
  • were not adapted

The company pays the council for the leases and to improve the properties they lease. The money the council receives for the leases is being used to improve council tenants’ homes.

All Seaside Homes’ properties are being let to people nominated by the council’s Temporary Accommodation Team who are homeless or have particular needs who the council has a legal duty to house. These properties will not be let through Homemove. The council’s Temporary Accommodation Team also manage the homes as managing agent.

View or download the information sheet on Brighton & Hove Seaside Community Homes (PDF 45KB).

Find out more on the Seaside Homes website.