Resident Involvement meeting diary

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Service Improvement Groups

Area Panels

The next provisional date for Area Panels is being arranged for September. Residents will be contacted to organise the date, (updated 23 July 2020).

Visit our panel page for further details, including minutes of previous meetings.

Business and Value For Money Service Improvement Group

To be confirmed. 

Citywide Conference

Visit our Citywide Conference page for further details, including minutes of previous City Assembly meetings.

CWC Subgroup Planning Meetings

All meetings will be held online.

  • Wednesday 19 August 2020, 2pm to 3pm, to be confirmed

Estate Development Budget Area Voting Panels

All meetings will be held online between 11:30am to 1pm until further notice. 

  • Wednesday 26 August 2020
  • Wednesday 30 September 2020
  • Wednesday 25 November 2020
  • Wednesday 27 January 2021
  • Wednesday 31 March 2021

Estate Development Quick Bid Panel 

To be confirmed.

Home Service Improvement Group

To be confirmed.

Involvement and Empowerment Service Improvement Group

All 2020 meetings will run from 1pm to 3pm.

  • Tuesday 25 August 2020, online zoom meeting
  • Tuesday 6 October 2020, to be confirmed
  • Tuesday 1 December 2020, to be confirmed

Leaseholder Action Group

To be confirmed.

Local Action Teams and General Consultation

Partnership Core Group

To be confirmed.

Resident Inspector Meetings

To be confirmed.

Resident Only Meetings

To be confirmed.

Seniors Housing (Independent Community Living) Action Group

All meetings will be held online via zoom until further notice.

  • Tuesday 18 August 2020, 2pm to 3pm

Tenancy and Neighbourhood Service Improvement Group

​To be confirmed.

Tenant Disability Network

Meetings will be held online until further notice. 

  • Monday 17 August 2020

Tenant Editorial Board

To be confirmed.