Renting car parking spaces and garages

Housing Customer Services manage car parking spaces and garages on council land across Brighton and Hove.  Many of our garages and spaces are available to apply for. Anybody can apply, although priority will be given first to Blue Badge holders, then council tenants and resident council leaseholders, and then private applicants.

Please be aware that we are experiencing very high levels of applications but will process all those that we receive as soon as possible.

How to locate and apply for a car parking space or garage

Please search our car park, garage and MSS map to locate your nearest available site.  Each of these has a list of our current weekly charges.

To apply for all sites (except Ingram Estate car parking spaces or 'light touch' parking permits), please complete our online car parking space, garage and MSS application form.

To apply for parking spaces or light touch permits at the Ingram Estate, please download and print the Ingram Estate application form. You can return the completed form to, any local  housing office, or post to Car Parks and Garages, Housing Centre, Unit 1, Fairway Trading Estate, Eastergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4QL. If you would like us to post you a copy of the Ingram Estate application form, please call us on 01273 293030.

Annual Price Increase

From 2 April 2018, the prices for car parks and garages will increase by 2% for all sites, expect the Ingram Estate. The Ingram Estate's (Light Touch) parking prices will remain the same, expect for Blue Badge Dedicated Bays, which will increase by 2%. Multi-use Storage Spaces will remain the same price for all sites.


Please also note:

  • council-owned garages and car parking spaces are for domestic parking use only
  • we only accept direct debits or standing orders as a method of payment for all new garage or car parking spaces
  • storage of personal items or the use for commercial businesses is not permitted
  • applicants with council housing arrears (such as rent) will be placed on the waiting list however allocation of a space or garage will not be made until arrears have been cleared
  • the licence of your car parking space or garage will be at risk if you do not keep up the payments on your account
  • you need to inform Housing Customer Services if your contact details change

Renting a second garage or car park space

From 1 August 2017, we will start to accept applications to rent a temporary second car park space or garage for the same household at selected sites. Please be aware that this is subject to availability and all additional car park spaces and garages will be offered on a first come/first served basis, in line with our priority system.

Please note:

  • The council reserves the right to terminate the second rented car park space or garage if demand increases at this site.

Multi-use Storage Spaces (for mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and bicycles)

We have multi-use storage spaces (MSS) available in specifically designed storage areas. The spaces can be used for the secure parking and regular charging of mobility scooters and electronic wheelchairs at the four sites. We also allow bicycles (push bikes or electric) to be stored at the Robert Lodge. We do not allow petrol or diesel powered transport to be stored in these storage areas. We also do not allow for the storage of personal or commercial items in Multi-use Storage Spaces.

How to pay for your car parking space, garage or multi-use storage space

You can pay by direct debit on the 1st or the 15th of each month. For further information or to start making direct debit payments, please contact the Rent Accounting Section on 01273 293065.

You can also pay by standing order - download and complete our standing order mandate form (PDF 60KB) and send it to your bank.

You can pay online by selecting 'Housing Rents/Other Charges'. You can also view your accounts online via our housing customer online system.

If you get into difficulty paying for your car parking space, garage or multi-use storage space,  please contact us at or call 01273 293030.

Terminating your car parking space, garage or multi-use storage space licence

To terminate your car parking space, multi-use storage space or garage, you need to give us at least seven days notice, with the end date being a Monday, by completing the termination form (61KB). This means your last day will be the Monday following the seven day notice period. Please print and sign the form, then scan and email it to Alternatively complete a form at a housing office or post a completed form to:

Housing Customer Services
Housing Centre
Unit 1, Fairway Trading Estate
Eastergate Road

We cannot end your car parking, multi-use storage space or garage licence until we have received this signed notice.

Please note that if you terminate your residential council tenancy, your car parking space, multi-use storage space or garage licence will not automatically terminate. You will need to terminate your licence separately using the form above.