Personalised Homemove property lists

Due to the few copies that were being picked up and the number that were being thrown away, Homemove stopped printing the Homemove magazine in December 2011.  
This was replaced with personalised property lists showing the properties that are available to each individual household. They are available by subscription (see below), and at housing offices and sheltered schemes. Full copies of the Homemove magazine can be downloaded from and reference copies can be viewed at housing offices, sheltered schemes, city libraries, council customer service centres, and at the Java Café in Woodingdean.

The new format is  printed in black and white, so is easier for people to read and use (especially anyone with visual impairments). It also means that housing offices can print out lists for people that show only the properties they are able to bid on. They are also able to show a copy of all the properties that are advertised, as well as the normal feedback that is currently given.

Anyone registered on the Homemove Scheme can access their own list of properties by:

  • logging in with their reference at
  • viewing property lists at any of the housing offices or at the customer service centre in Bartholomew Square, Sheltered Schemes or at the Java Café in Woodingdean
  • using the free internet access and help in our libraries
  • subscribing to be sent a property list each fortnight for a fee of £10 for six months - please make cheques or postal orders payable to ‘Locata (Housing Services) Ltd’ and send with your Homemove reference number and mailing address to Homemove, PO BOX 340, Ruislip, HA4 4AR

If someone does not have access to the internet and cannot gain access at the above places, Homemove may carry out an assessment with them to see if you qualify for assistance with being sent the property list directly.

If you need to refer someone for this help please complete the ‘My Homemove Eligibility form’. This is also available from housing office or by phoning Homemove on 01273 294400.