We are committed to improving our services to residents. You can see whether we are meeting our targets and whether our performance is improving by looking at our quarterly performance reports. You can also find information below on the value of social housing assets within the local authority's Housing Revenue Account.

Performance reports

These look at a variety of our services, including repairs, how much rent we collect and how quickly we re-let properties. Resident representatives discuss performance at Area Panels before the report is discussed at Housing & New Homes Committee.

You can view or download our latest reports below:




Benchmarking reports

These come from Housemark, a company who carry out independent benchmarking analysis of our costs and performance compared to other social housing providers.
You can view or download the latest reports below:

Social Housing Asset Value

The council is required to publish details on the value of social housing assets within the local authority's Housing Revenue Account.

Stock-holding councils are under a statutory duty to account separately for their housing stock in their Housing Revenue Account using the "Existing Use Value for Social Housing" (EUV) as defined by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This valuation approach is used as it reflects that the properties are social housing with tenants and that this reduces their value, compared to a market value which would be based on vacant sale.

Publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.

The following information is available within specified value bands and postal sectors as at 1 April 2016:

  • The total number of homes is 11,537
  • The aggregate existing use value (social housing) is £712,123,264 and the average existing use value (social housing) within the 15 valuation bands is £61,725
  • The aggregate market value is £2,225,385,200 and the average market value within the 14 valuation bands is £192,891
  • The percentage of homes that are vacant is 1% and those that are tenanted is 99%

Full details of the value of our social housing assets (PDF 335KB) are available here.