Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is when council or housing association tenants swap homes. 

If you’re looking for someone to exchange with, you can use Exchange Locata which is a local service. You can also use one of the services listed below - some of these you may need to pay for).

You can list your current house, and search for which type of house is suitable for you. Once you’ve found someone who wants to exchange, you need to apply to using the form available to donwload below. You can also exchange with council or housing association tenants from other local authorities if everybody involved agrees.

You can apply for a mutual exchange as long as:

  • you currently have a secure tenancy agreement - introductory tenancies are not eligible
  • the properties meet everybody’s assessed needs - if you receive Housing Benefit it is important that you read about the changes introduced in April 2013
  • no legal action is being taken against anyone involved for breaking the terms of their tenancy
  • your rent is up to date before you move

To check that your rent is up to date, you can login or register on our housing customer online system.

For more information about the Mutual Exchange process with Brighton & Hove City Council, download our Mutual Exchange leaflet (PDF 88KB).

How to apply 

If you've found someone you'd like to exchange with, complete and return our mutual exchange application form (PDF 186KB). You will need to know the contact details and landlord information of all the people involved in the exchange. Once you've applied, the person moving into your property will be sent another form to complete.

What happens next?

We will:

  • review the application
  • request references from the landlords of everyone involved in the exchange
  • visit the properties if they are in Brighton & Hove to make sure they are suitable - we'll try to do this within 10 working days of your application
  • ask you to restore the property to its original condition, or pay for any work needed if you’ve made alterations without our permission or caused any damage

If we accept your application, you’ll need to agree a moving date with the other people involved. You must then inform us of this date, and we will confirm whether the exchange can go ahead.