Hove Park estate inspections

Contact the West Housing Team

Your Housing Officers are Albert Donnelly, Mark Griffiths, Eve Hitchens and Michaela Michaels.

Your Housing Manager is Robert Keelan.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding your neighbourhood, please get in touch.

To see the details of the inspections in your street, please take a look at the Hove Park Estate Inspections Document 2018-2020 (PDF 2.32MB)

Previous Inspections


Hove Park (1) 9 April 2018 (PDF 281KB)


Hove Park (1) 17 October 2017 (PDF 273KB)

Hove Park (1) 28 July 2017 (PDF 273KB)


Hove Park (1) 10 October 2016 (PDF 287KB)

Hove Park (1) 11 April 2016 (PDF 276KB)