Homemove - how it works and how to bid

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How Homemove works

Homemove is the choice based lettings system for council and housing association properties in Brighton & Hove. Rather than homes being allocated by the council, choice based lettings allow tenants and prospective tenants to bid for the available properties they are interested in.

All available properties are advertised on the Homemove website. People registered with Homemove can then bid for homes through the website, by phone, or by text message.

The Homemove magazine has been replaced with Personalised Homemove Property Lists

To bid, you must become a member of the homemove scheme by applying to the council for housing or a transfer if you are a current tenant of the council or one of the partner housing associations in the city.

For further information on how the scheme works in Brighton & Hove, please see our choice based lettings frequently asked question page or go to the homemove website.

Allocations Policy

View our Choice Based Lettings scheme allocations policy (PDF 636KB) and Choice Based Lettings vulnerable people strategy (PDF 78KB).

Following a city-wide consultation, we updated our allocations policy in December 2016 to help ensure the council can house residents in the greatest need. It means that we are restricting the housing register to those most in need and those who we have a statutory duty to house. View a summary of the key changes to our allocations policy (PDF 108KB).

Scheme user guide - how to bid

For a guide on how to use the scheme, go to the homemove website user guide section.

For advice on the scheme in other languages, please visit www.homemove.org.uk/otherlanguages.aspx.

Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 makes it a statutory duty for each local authority to produce and publish a strategic tenancy strategy that will guide providers of social housing in development of their Tenancy Policies.

A tenancy strategy must set out a framework for providers of social housing (housing associations and councils) informing them of what local authority’s expect them to have 'regard to' when developing their respective tenancy policies in the following areas:

  • the type of tenancies they will grant (fixed term or lifetime)
  • the circumstances under which they may grant one type of tenancy and not the other
  • the length of fixed term tenancies and when they may either be extended or terminated

The Brighton & Hove Tenancy Strategy also considers the new Affordable Rents that have been introduced by the government to support the development of new social housing and how we can make sure they remain genuinely affordable.