Gas Contract

New gas contract

K & T Heating photographWe have recently completed a retendering exercise for our new gas contract. This covers servicing of gas appliances, gas and heating repairs and new boiler installations.

After a robust tendering process we are pleased to announce that K&T Heating Services have been appointed as our new contractor.  From 1 April 2016, K&T Heating Services will take over responsibility for all gas servicing, repairs and installations for council-owned homes in the city.

K&T Heating Services will carry out annual servicing for tenants gas appliances and pipe work. They will write directly to tenants to make an appointment before the next service is due.

Tenants should be aware that K&T Heating Services will have new uniforms, identification cards and branded vehicles. Tenants should always ask for identification before allowing anyone in their home if they are unsure. All engineers will carry identification and if residents wish to verify this please call the Repairs Helpdesk free phone number 0800 052 6140. This will be displayed on the identification cards. Engineers will not attend properties without an appointment.

There will be no changes to the ways that tenants report repairs, emergencies or book appointments - call the Repairs Helpdesk on 0800 052 6140 or local phone number 01273 294409, or email

We would like to also note the success and excellent performance delivered throughout the current gas partnership contracts. The service delivered by both PH Jones and Mears has provided 100% Gas Safety compliancy and achieved year on year efficiencies.

Please note this change in service only affects gas servicing, maintenance, repairs and installations as previously carried out by PH Jones or Mears. There will be no change to the other general responsive repairs and housing improvement services carried out by Mears.

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