Frequently asked questions about ending your council tenancy

How much notice do I have to give?

You need to give us four weeks notice, unless you are moving to another Brighton & Hove City Council property, in which case we need two weeks notice.

Is the house inspected before I move out?

A Lettings Officer will arrange a date with you to inspect your home to see if any repairs need to be carried out and to get details of the property that will help us relet it to an new tenant as soon as possible. The Lettings Officer will also inform you if you have any rent or other charges outstanding on your account. If any repairs that are your responsibility are not done by the time that you move out, you will be recharged the cost of the council carrying out the work.

When will I be able to move out?

The last day of your tenancy will be on a Monday and your keys should be handed in to your local housing office before 12 noon on this day. Your rent is payable until this Monday and if you hand your keys back after 12 noon, you will be charged another week’s rent, and possibly for the cost of changing your locks. This is because all council tenancies start on a Monday, and we have to start getting the property ready for a new tenant as soon as your tenancy ends. When you hand your keys in, you will sign a key receipt and you will receive a copy of this receipt.

What do I do about any outstanding arrears on my account?

All money owed to the council should be paid before your tenancy end date. If this is not possible, you will need to contact the Housing Income Management Team on 01273 293224 to make an arrangement to settle the debt.

If you are transferring to another council property or carrying out a mutual exchange, your move may be postponed until all debts are cleared.

What do I do with any belongings I don't want?

It is your responsibility to clear all items from your home including carpets and other floor coverings. If any items are left in the property, garden or store cupboards after you have moved the council will charge you for the full cost of clearance. This cost is likely to be more expensive than if you make your own arrangements for clearing the property.

Why do I need to remove carpets and floor coverings?

Where tenants have left floor coverings for the new tenants in the past, we are usually asked to remove them, meaning that the council has to pay for a further visit by our repairs contractor to visit and remove the items. If your carpets are in perfect condition and you are considering leaving them, you must ask the Lettings Officer when they visit you during your notice period.

Can someone else hand my keys in for me?

Yes, but you must have already completed and signed a Notice of Termination of Tenancy Form. You must also provide them with a signed letter stating that they are your representative and that they have permission to hand your keys in. 

If they do not have this letter with them, they will be asked to fill in a form which states that they are handing the keys in on your  behalf and will ask the following details:

  • your name and address
  • their relationship to you
  • that you asked them to hand the keys in
  • that you have ended your tenancy
  • that you no longer live at the property