Fire safety in flats

Fire safety update for council owned tower blocks

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower in London in 2017, we wrote to all households in council-owned high-rise blocks with a fire safety update. We also put together a series of FAQs on fire safety in council-owned high-rise blocks published cladding, insulation and fire safety details for all our high-rise blocks

We're continuing to work closely with East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and we'll keep you informed about any updates on these web pages.

Fire safety in flats leaflet

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have worked with us to produce information for residents in our blocks of flats to ensure safety in the event of a fire.

If there’s a fire in your flat, you should get out, stay out and call 999. However, if there’s a fire elsewhere in the building, you are usually safe in your own flat with the doors and windows closed, unless heat or smoke is affecting you. If the Fire Service consider it safer for you to evacuate the building, they will tell you to leave.

All our blocks of flats are checked for fire safety every year and fire precaution work is carried out where required. Living above the first floor doesn’t necessarily put you at a greater risk from fire. High-rise flats are built to be fire-resistant. Walls, ceilings and doors will hold back flames and smoke.

If you or anyone who lives with you would have difficulty leaving the building in the event of a fire, please contact Housing Customer Services on 01273 293030 to discuss your needs.

For more information, contact Housing Customer Services