The council can only regain possession of your home if you decide to end your tenancy or if we obtain an order from the County Court. The court will only grant an order if the council can prove that one of the grounds for possession under the 1985 Housing Act applies.

We must usually serve you with at least four weeks notice of our intention to repossess your home before we can take a case to court. However, there are certain circumstances where a court action can be taken immediately after serving the notice – for example in cases of serious nuisance.

We always try to work with tenants to solve any problems and get their tenancies back on track, but if the problems persist, we will take action.

The most common grounds under which a court will grant an order for repossession are:

  • if you have not paid your rent
  • if you or members of your household have behaved in an anti-social manner, such as harassing or causing serious nuisance to your neighbours
  • if you have damaged or neglected your home
  • if you have been convicted of a serious criminal offence, for example you have been convicted of dealing in drugs

Please note that it is a simpler process to evict introductory tenants and those whose tenancies have been demoted.

For further information, please contact your local housing office.