Estate Development Budget

Is there something you’d like improved on your estate or in your block? Have you got an idea that will enhance residents quality of life and benefit your community? If you do, then your project could be carried out through the council's discretionary funded Estate Development Budget.

What can the Estate Development Budget (EDB) fund?

A community project that results in one of the following:

  • An improvement to a council housing owned building or community facility
  • An improvement to council housing owned land or local environment
  • An improvement that benefits the community and the quality of life of tenants

The latest EDB main bid voting process was completed in April 2018. Congratulations to all our tenant and resident groups who were successful.

The budget is divided between four areas. The amount each area receives being decided by the number of properties in the area.

How to apply

There are two types of bid, an EDB Quick Bid for funding smaller community projects costing up to £750, and an EDB Main Bid for bigger projects costing up to £10,000. For more information, please look at our EDB guidelines (PDF 98KB)

To apply for a bid:

Making an EDB Main Bid

View the EDB Main Bid Work Programme 2018-19 (PDF 170KB) - start dates are subject to change.

Applications for next year will open shortly. Resident associations are being asked to hold an EDB meeting in either June or July to discuss their main bids for 2019-20. They should then submit draft applications for their main bids by the end of July. 

Groups wishing to submit main bids for 2019-20 need to contact the Resident Involvement Team on 01273 294651 for further information and support, as they will need to submit draft application forms by the end of July 2018.

Each resident association or group may submit a maximum of three main bids per year.

Got an idea?

If you're feeling stuck, take a look at a couple of successful projects below

Next steps

We'll check your bid meets the EDB guidelines (PDF 97KB). If the bid is for a gardening project (PDF 73KB), there are a number of steps to follow before submitting the bid. All eligible bids then go to the Mears EDB project team who will estimate the cost of the project. 

  • EDB Quick Bids will be decided on by residents at the EDB panel meetings. These are held on the last Wednesday of every month (except for August and December) and the bids need to be received by the previous Wednesday to be considered. Otherwise they will be held over until the following month's EDB panel meeting. Tenant Association's or Groups may submit a maximum of five EDB Quick Bids in a financial year. You will be contacted with the decision once the panel has met.

Once a year in April each of the four areas holds an Estate Development Budget voting meeting. Here, the Area Panel Representatives elected by each tenant and resident association from within that area vote on their main EDB bids for the upcoming financial year. At these meetings, the representatives vote to set aside an amount from the budget for their EDB Quick Bid pot for the year.

At this year's meetings it was agreed not to set aside any additional funds from their main budget for projects the Community Payback Team can do. As each area has funds remaining that were allocated previously and have been carried over for funding future bids.

How do EDB bids affect leaseholders?

The cost of Estate Development Budget work is passed on to leaseholders in their service charge in the same way as any other work. However:

  • Leaseholders only contribute to costs incurred in their building
  • Leaseholders can only incur costs if their lease allows for the charge
  • The law states that the costs must be reasonably incurred

This means that works to keep the building in repair such as flooring, painting or improvements like exterior lighting are normally passed on, but works to improve community facilities or the local environment are not.

For more information, contact the Leasehold team by emailing or calling 01273 293074, as they can give general advice on leaseholder charges before a bid is placed.

Successful community bids

Hazelholt Patio

The new patio area at HazelholtResidents of Hazelholt Seniors Housing Scheme agreed they would like a patio area. To provide a safe surface with easy access for their garden furniture so they can meet to enjoy the good weather. 

Consultation done, they went ahead and completed their EDB application with photographs Their application was successful and the results speak for themselves - a smart, user friendly patio. Congratulations to residents at Hazelholt for their great team work.

Penhurst Place Garden

Residents living at Penhurst Place wanted to tidy up the garden at the side of their block.  

Over time it has become overgrown.

Residents worked with the Mears EDB Projects Team to look at ways to make improvements that would make the garden easier to maintain.

Penhurst place garden overgrown

Several meetings took place with discussions over drawings, photographs, suggestions and costings - until residents were ready to submit their EDB application.

Penhurst Place got funding to re-landscape their garden and now have an easily maintainable garden.

The Mears EDB Projects Team had a hard job on their hands but with direction from residents, delivered a fantastic result.  

Well done Penhurst Place!

Penhurst place garden after work