Council housing repairs

Request a repair

You can also request a repair by calling freephone 0800 052 6140 or our local number 01273 294409, or email us at

Our estate services team deal with issues on estates such as graffiti removal, fly-tipping, broken windows or doors, lights out of order and cleaning in common ways. 

Urgent repairs and emergencies

For suspected gas leaks, please call the National Grid on 0800 111 999.

If you have another urgent or emergency repair, please call 0800 052 6140. 

Repairs priorities system

All repairs are given different priorities on how urgent the job is. When you phone to report a repair, the time it will take for the work to be done will vary according to its priority. 

The different repairs priorities are:

  • emergency - within 24 hours
  • routine - within 20 working days
  • complex - work that will take longer than 20 days to complete

It's our responsibility to repair the structure and outside of your home and make sure fittings for water, sanitation, gas and electricity are safe and in working order. We're also responsible for maintaining communal areas and facilities such as lifts, entry systems, boilers, stairs and lighting. Tenants are responsible for all other fixtures and fittings, the internal decoration and for any improvements or alterations you have carried out.

The council is committed to improving homes to the Brighton & Hove Standard, based on the government's Decent Home Standard with additional items agreed with tenants to meet local priorities.

Repairs and improvement handbooks

Repairs & improvements handbook

View or download our new Repairs & improvements handbook (PDF 693KB) for more information and guidance about repairs.

Major repairs

If we need to carry out major work to your home, we try to arrange them so you can remain in your home while the work is being carried out. In the unlikely event that you would need to leave your home temporarily, we will arrange temporary accommodation according to your needs and charge you the same rent you would have paid if you remained in your home.

Find out what work is happening in your area by visiting our investing in your homes page.

Lift replacement programme

Find out more about the lift replacement programme taking place across the city.


Occasionally the council may need to gain access to your home to carry out surveys. This could be:

  • prior to major repairs being done
  • to update our records on the condition of our housing
  • to carry out specialist surveys, for example to identify the presence of asbestos containing materials etc.

Should we need to gain access to your property to undertake survey work, the surveyor will carry identification or should have a pre-arranged appointment. Do not allow any person into your home if they do not carry the relevant identification. If you are in any doubt, please contact the repairs helpdesk on 0800 052 6140.