Communal TV Aerials & Satellite Dishes

Installation and clean up project

We have completed 95% of the digital upgrade to the communal aerial systems. The remaining 5% will receive letters to arrange appointments for access.

We are going to clean up the outside of the blocks by removing the old cables and individual dishes and aerials.

Now that the digital services are available through the communal system, there is no need to have individual dishes attached to the external parts of the building.

If you have permission for Turksat or Arabsat, we will arrange with you to move the dish to a suitable location on the block so that the service will not be lost.

Permission will be required for any future individual aerials or dishes.

Any Virgin Network and BT telephone cables still in use will not be removed. As part of the clean-up, our engineers will tidy-up and re-fix any of these that have become loose.

We are finalising dates for the clean-up operation at the moment, and residents who will be affected will receive a letter from us detailing the plan for their blocks.

TV aerials and dishes on the side of a building

Frequently asked questions

Q: After the communal aerial has been installed do I still need to use my own mini-dish, external aerial or set-top aerial?

A: No, as part of the installation we have installed all the equipment required for you to  receive a digital satellite and terrestrial signal. You can connect to these services through the new socket.

Q: Is it more expensive to get a digital TV receiver installed through a communal system?

A: No, installation prices for Sky, Freesat and Freeview are the same (if not cheaper) through the communal system

Q: Do I need to change my digital TV receiver for use through the communal system?

A: No. you can continue to use your existing digital TV receiver through the communal system. You may need to re-tune your Freeview box once re-connected.

Q: Is it possible to watch digital TV in a room with no socket?

A: Your digital receiver will always need to be connected to the socket but it may be possible to extend the cabling into a different room. This would be a private arrangement between you and the aerial contractor, SCCi which you would have to pay for. The BHCC repairs helpdesk can forward your request to SCCi who will contact you to make arrangements direct.

Q: Can I continue to receive analogue TV channels through the socket?

A: Analogue channels will be available through the faceplate until the digital switchover in your region. Once the switchover is complete, analogue channels will no longer be available.

Q: Will analogue radio be available after the digital switchover?

A: Yes, analogue radio will be available through the FM socket on your faceplate even after the digital switchover.

Q: I missed out on the installation of the face-plate for my flat. Can I now have one installed?

A: Yes. If you can wait for the programmed date for the ‘clean-up’ work on your block we will connect you without additional charge. A letter will be sent out soon to tell you when this is. If you do not want to wait then we can come earlier and you can pay for the connection. This can be arranged by contacting the BHCC repairs helpdesk .

Q: I’ve got an Arabsat or Turksat dish, how will this be affected by the clean-up ?

A: Our contractor SCCi, will contact you to arrange re-location of the dish (if necessary). Your service will not be affected.

If you have a Turksat or Arabsat satellite dish you can arrange for it to be disconnected when you move. If you contact us, we will arrange for SCCi to carry out the work. You will be charged for this.

Q: I would like to have access to foreign TV services not available through the communal aerial system (ie Arabsat or Turksat). How can I arrange this?

A: You can seek permission from us and we can arrange for SCCi to install a dish for you, which you will have to pay for. please contact housing customer services.

We want to control and manage the exterior condition of our blocks, so other companies will  not be granted permission to install your dish.

Q: How much do I have to pay for the communal aerial service?

A: If you are a tenant, the charge from 2 April 2012 will be 56p per week. This will be added to your rent account

If you are a leaseholder, you will be asked to make a contribution to the initial capital cost as per the terms of your lease and pay an annual service charge of approximately £13 per year.

Q: What do I do if I lose the aerial signal to my TV?

A: The table below shows possible causes for this and possible solutions. Please try these before reporting a fault to the BHCC repairs helpdesk managed by Mears.

Q: What do I do if my digi-box needs re-setting?

If you need help to re-set your digi-box please phone the BHCC repairs helpdesk and they will talk you through what to do.

If there is an interruption to your electrical supply, ie a power cut or your key keter runs out, it may affect the settings on your digi-box.

The council is not obliged to provide a call-out service to re-set your digi-box. If an engineer is called and finds that this is the reason for the fault, you are likely to be charged for the call-out.

Q: How quickly will SCCi respond to a call-out for repair?

A: SCCi provide a standard call-out service from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm. If the fault occurs outside of these hours, unless the whole block is affected, the engineer will not attend until the next working day.

Single property:

  • If the fault is in just in your property and not the whole block, SCCi will respond and fix the fault by the end of the next working day.So if the fault is reported on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or Bank Holiday) the engineer will not attend until the following Monday (or next working day).

Multiple property:

  • Call-out before 12 noon - If the fault is affecting a number of properties or the whole block, SCCi will respond and fix the fault by the end of the day .
  • Call-out after 12 noon - If the fault is affecting a number of properties or the whole block, SCCi will respond and fix the fault by 12 noon the following day.