Citywide Resident Groups

​Resident-led groups get together to change the way services are run, and make sure the voices of tenants and leaseholders are heard.

If you're interested in getting involved in any of these groups, or would like copies of their minutes, you can get in touch with the named officer, call the Resident Involvement Team on 01273 292112 or email

For upcoming meetings, check the Resident Involvement meetings diary.

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Service Improvement Groups

Citywide interest groups

Service Improvement Groups

The Service Improvement Groups are a new way for tenants and leaseholders to get involved in how housing services are run.

If you would like to join any of these groups we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact the Resident Involvement Team for more information on 01273 294651 or email us at

All the groups are resident-led. This means residents set their own goals and priorities. Read on for a description of the groups and a summary of the current projects they are focussing on.


From empty homes, to settled tenants this group looks at the issues that directly affect your home and building.

Home Group can

  • Checks the four year Capital Works plan
  • Elects representatives to the Estates Development Budget Panel sub-group
  • Looks at the work of Mears, K&T Heating and other contractors
  • Measures customer satisfaction of repairs
  • Oversees the resident inspector programme – hands on look at the work of our contractors


Chair: Alison Gray - 07758 210832 or

Vice Chair: Carl Boardman - 07752 552675 or

Officer: Hannah Barker - 01273 296639 or

Latest meeting actions - 6 March 2018

  • Reports from Core Partnership Group, Resident Inspectors and EDB Panel
  • Windows replacement program for 2018-19, replacing at approx 365 properties
  • Tyfoam replacement program and discussion on insulation across all stock
  • Internal decorations program discussed
  • Update on procurement for housing repairs, planned maintenance and capital work with proposed timeline

Tenancy & Neighbourhood

Looking at problems on estate grounds and gardens. Sorting out cleaning issues and developing growing projects. Building and strengthening communities. Helping create communities where people respect each other.

Tenancy and Neighbourhood Service Improvement Group could:

  • Looks at making estates cleaner, safer and more pleasant places to live
  • Checks the grounds maintenance and estates inspections reviews
  • Find out how to combat fly tipping, run community clean up days and develop growing projects
  • Checks Housing’s response to nuisance and anti-social behavior
  • Looks at Housing’s support of isolated and vulnerable people


Latest meeting actions - 10 April 2018

  • Tribute to Ann Ewings and her contribution to the group.
  • Election of Vic Dodd as Vice Chair
  • Speaker Emily Kenward , founder of Time to Talk befriending charity.
  • Workshop planning  on Isolation & Loneliness started
  • Star Survey Satisfaction and presentation styles
  • Dates for future meetings: 22 May, 28 August, 27 November

Business & Value for money

Making sure that your rent is spent in the best way possible.

Business & Value for Money Group could:

  • Looks at housing’s work in response to the benefits changes
  • Housing’s work on equalities and financial inclusion
  • Measuring the impact - what has changed as a result of resident involvement
  • Inputs into the Performance and Annual Reports
  • Exploring satisfaction with grounds maintenance and cleaning service charges


 Latest meeting actions - 6 January 2018

  • Reviewed update of Universal Credit statistics
  • Reviewed Budget Task & Finish Group summary
  • Agreed plans to promote transport sharing among residents attending meetings
  • Agreed action items for the coming year
  • Discussed Partnership Core Group Update for Home Group

Involvement & Empowerment

Help us make involvement easy to join in and enjoyable for everyone.

Involvement & Empowerment Group could:

  • Helps develop policy, guidelines and best practise in resident involvement
  • Oversees the resident involvement budget and work of the resident involvement team
  • Oversees development of use of social media, the web, Facebook, text messaging, on-line and printed newsletter, posters etc
  • Assists in putting together and promoting the Citywide Conference
  • Sub group working on Homing In and tenant proofing publicity


 Latest meeting actions - 15 March 2018

  • Resident Involvement Budget update
  • Review of Learning Programme for Tenants and Leaseholders
  • Publishing new TRA Best Practise Handbook
  • Planning TRA How to make the most out of your group? Event
  • Planning next tenant-led Citywide Conference
  • Reviewing group's Terms of Reference
  • Designing group's Business Plan for next 12 months

Citywide interest groups

Citywide interest groups are groups of tenants and leaseholders who have banded together around a common interest to better serve residents across the city.

Leaseholder Action Group

The Leaseholder Action Group works to support and represent the needs of leaseholders in Brighton & Hove council blocks and buildings.

Latest minutes:

Please note the minutes are available on the website for a year after the date of the meeting. Minutes older than a year are available on request. by contacting Keely McDonald by either phone or email.


Senior Housing (Independent Community Living) Action Group

The aim of the group is to:

  • Work for and represent all those living in Brighton & Hove City Council sheltered accommodation
  • Work with council officers to promote tenants rights and improve sheltered housing schemes
  • Improve the environment and quality of life of residents of sheltered housing schemes.

The group aims to provide a valued and influential voice for sheltered housing tenants to promote their status as older people and enable their participation in the policies that affect them.

Senior Housing (Independent Community Living) Action Group is currently working predominantly to support the implementation of the suggestions of the recent Chartered Institute of Housing commissioned report. One particular priority is the allocations/lettings policy as a critical issue across schemes.

The group has produced it's first newsletter which highlights some of it's successes and they hope to produce more in the future which will be available on this page.  


Tenant Disability Network

Set up by the Area Panels, and consisting of elected representatives for each area. The Tenant Disability Network (TDN) acts as a point of contact and support for tenants with disabilities across the city. The TDN produces a newsletter twice a year, get in touch if you would like to get a copy.


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