Changes to your housing services

Why have we changed?

We have responded to your feedback about how you would like us to continue improving our customer services by:

  • making it easier for you to contact us
  • making our service easy to use and simple to understand
  • organising our service in the most effective, efficient way

What are the changes?

The biggest changes are how you get in touch with us and how we manage your tenancy.

  • The new customer service team are your first point of contact for tenancy management and general housing enquiries
  • A single phone number for non-repairs enquiries will be introduced in Autumn.
  • Tenancies are managed by a group of staff responsible for a large geographic area rather than a single officer for a smaller area

We have made other improvements too, including:

  • changing the way estate inspections are managed
  • increasing support for the most vulnerable residents
  • improving money advice and learning opportunities for residents
  • increasing support for projects to improve sustainability, save energy and reduce carbon emissions

Who are the new teams?

Customer Service team

  • Your housing experts, for all non-repairs enquiries
  • Your first point of call by phone, letter or email
  • Staff reception desks at our housing offices

Neighbourhoods team

  • Are ward based, spending most of their time out on estates
  • They have a similar role to the previous Community Wardens
  • Carry out routine tenancy visits and lead estate inspections including car park areas and garage sites

Tenancy Management teams

Four teams working together to resolve issues and support residents:

  • Tenancy Officers dealing with serious tenancy issues
  • Tenancy Sustainment Officers helping vulnerable residents keep their tenancies
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Officers dealing with serious cases of anti-social behaviour
  • Re-housing Officers letting vacant properties and supporting people to settle into their new home.

Resident Involvement team

Community Participation Officers are now called Resident Involvement Officers

  • Providing improved support for Tenant Associations and residents who want to get involved in other ways
  • Working directly with residents to improve access to training and skills

The remaining teams e.g Estates, Repairs, Sheltered Housing, are unchanged.

How to contact us

For all tenancy management and general housing enquiries which are not repairs please contact our Customer Service team. Repairs should still be reported to the Repairs team.

You can find the contact details for all the teams on the housing contacts page

Our Neighbourhoods team will be ward based. To check which ward you live in please refer to the interactive map. Just put your address in and click on "local information" where you can also find out other useful information including nearby GP surgeries, libraries and schools.