The Brighton & Hove Standard

Brighton & Hove Standard leaflet cover

The council is committed to improving homes to the Brighton & Hove Standard. This is a quality standard for council homes developed in consultation with tenants.

The standard is based on the government’s Decent Homes Standard, with additional items agreed with tenants to meet their local priorities.

The Brighton & Hove Standard means that our homes will:

  • meet the current minimum standard for housing
  • be in a reasonable state of repair
  • have reasonably modern facilities
  • be warm and comfortable
  • include additional items agreed in consultation with tenants

A home that meets the Brighton & Hove Standard will:

  • be safe and structurally sound
  • be weather and water tight
  • have windows that are in reasonable condition
  • have doors that are secure and in a reasonable condition
  • have effective insulation and an efficient heating system
  • have a plumbing system without any leaks
  • have a modern and safe electrical system
  • have a kitchen that is less than 30 years old and in good condition OR a bathroom that is less than 40 years old and in good condition

The information on this page is available to download as the Brighton & Hove Standard leaflet [PDF 168kb].

Who decides what work is needed in my home?

A surveyor from our repairs partnership will visit and carry out a survey to work out whether your home meets the Brighton & Hove Standard. Any questions regarding the outcome of your survey can be discussed with Mears Decent Homes & Planned Maintenance team on 0800 169 4410.

Will both my kitchen and bathroom be replaced if they are old?

No, unfortunately the council has limited funds. If your kitchen and bathroom are both old and in poor condition, you will be given the choice of either a new kitchen or a new bathroom.

What if I have replaced my kitchen or bathroom, do I get the other one replaced as it is old?

Yes, if the other room is old and in disrepair. This means it must fail the age and condition requirements of the government's decent homes standard.

When will the work be done in my home?

Work will only be done in the homes that do not meet the Brighton & Hove Standard. We have published a three year investment programme that sets out the proposed future work plans for each area of the city - available on our investment programme page. We will write to you when we are due to work in your area. 

Who will be doing the work in my home?

The work will be done by the council’s partners Mears or PH Jones. Each operative will carry identification and wear a uniform so that you will be able to recognise them easily. All our partnership staff work to an agreed Code of Conduct to ensure that your home is looked after.

Do I get a say in the style of improvements?

Yes. If you are having a new door fitted, you will be given a choice over the style and finish. If you decide to have a new bathroom, you will have a choice of flooring. If you have a new kitchen, you will be fully involved in the design and will be given a choice on the style of kitchen doors and worktops. Details on the choices that are available will be provided before the work begins.

How can I find out more?

All the decent homes work, including the surveys, will be carried out by the council’s long-term repairs and maintenance partner Mears. For more information about the decent homes projects, call 0800 052 6140 or 01273 294409 or e-mail:   

You can view or download the full version of the Brighton & Hove Standard [PDF 172KB]. If you’d like any further information on the standard, please call the Property & Investment team on (01273) 293346. 

Need to report a repair?

Tenants can report repairs 24 hours a day.

For suspected gas leaks, please phone the National Grid on 0800 111 999.

Please note that our estate services team deal with issues on estates such as graffiti removal, fly-tipping, broken windows or doors, lights out of order and clearning in common ways.  Report these issues online.