Area Panel meetings

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Area Panel meetings happen four times a year and are a chance for local tenant and resident associations to send representatives to meet with council officers and councillors.

The meetings are supported by the council and papers are sent out to all the invited tenant reps. Consultations, current issues, performance reports and items requested by tenants are discussed. The opinions of these meetings are reported to housing committee and the wider council. This means residents can have a real effect on council policy and housing management.

Timetables for this year's Area Housing Management Panels are available in the Community Engagement meetings diary.

Central Area Panel

Member associations:

  • Albion Hill Residents Association
  • Essex Place Tenants Association
  • Hampshire Court Residents Association
  • Hereford Court Community Association
  • Hanover Residents Association
  • Highcroft Lodge Residents Association
  • Leach Court Tenants Association
  • Malthouse Court Residents Association
  • Milner and Kingswood Tenants Association
  • Mount Pleasant Residents Association
  • Queens Park Community Association
  • Rose Hill Court Tenants Association
  • St James House Community Association
  • Somerset Point Residents Association
  • Sylvan Hall Residents Association
  • Warwick Mount Residents Association
  • Wellington Road Tenants & Residents Association
  • Wiltshire House Residents Association

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East Area Panel

Member associations:

  • Bristol Estate Community Association
  • Craven Vale Community Association
  • Kite Place Tenants Association
  • Manor Farm Tenants and Residents Association
  • Pett Close Residents Association
  • Race Hill Farm Tenants & Residents Association
  • Robert Lodge Tenants and Residents Association
  • South Hawk Tenants Association
  • Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association

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North Area Panel

Member associations:

  • Bates Estate Residents Association
  • Broadfields Tenants Association
  • East Moulsecoomb Tenants and Residents Association
  • Elwyn Jones Court Tenants Association
  • Four C’s and South Patcham Tenants & Residents Association
  • Hollingbury Residents Association
  • Hollingdean Tenants Association
  • Jasmine Court Tenants Association
  • Jubilee Court Tenants Association
  • Nettleton Court and Dudeney Lodge Tenants Association
  • North Moulsecoomb Tenants and Residents Association

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West Area Panel

Member associations:

  • Clarendon and Ellen Residents Association
  • Downland Court Residents Association
  • Evelyn Court Tenants Association
  • Ingram Crescent Residents Association
  • Knoll Community Action Group
  • North Portslade Residents Association
  • Philip Court Residents Association
  • Woods House Residents Association

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Minutes of previous meetings

Read minutes from the most recent area panel meetings. If you require minutes from area panel meetings held earlier than this, please phone the Community Engagement team on 01273 291 518 or 01273 291 211 or send an email to