Move more

How much activity is recommended?

Leading an active lifestyle can have huge benefits to our health and wellbeing at any age. To find out how much is recommended and some of the health benefits check out the links below:

What you can do

Being physically active is easier than you think, especially if you make activity part of your daily routine.  Our modern lifestyles are very different to how our parents and grand-parents lived.  A lot more people drive to work, school and shops than ever before, as well as enjoy leisure activities that involve sitting, such as watching TV and using computers.

Click on the links below for some suggestions for increasing your activity level for different groups:

Get Support

Find information on local activities, facilities and other oppportunities to help you keep active in the city.

Additional support: We all need a little help and encouragement sometimes. If you need addtional support for you or your family and would like to speak to someone about increasing your activity levels please sign up using the details below. If you want to refer someone you know for support from the Healthy Lifestyles team you can also make a referral via the sign up link below.