Workplace Health - what you can do

Workplace Health - what you can do

The Public Health Team can work with you to promote a healthier workforce. Many adults spend a large proportion of their time in the workplace - typically over half of our waking hours - and therefore work is a key location to support people with their health.

Why does Workplace Health matter?

Workplace Health is not just about reducing sickness absence but also about tackling ‘presenteeism’ – problems faced when employees come to work in spite of illness, which can have similar negative repercussions on business performance. We need to be aware that low levels of sickness absence may not tell the whole story. Improved Workplace Health can make a significant contribution to our economy and to reducing levels of illness and disease in our society.

We can work with you to promote a healthier workforce and support you with the following services:

Pop-up information stalls and health advice

We can provide guidance and support and organise information stalls and workshops on a range a health topics such as emotional health and wellbeing, healthy eating and physical activity. Taster healthwalks may also be available as part of a workplace wellbeing day or week.

Healthy eating and weight management support 

Stop smoking groups and information stalls

Have you ever thought about number of the business hours lost directly or indirectly through staff smoking? Evidence shows that nearly 70% of people want to stop smoking. We can set up a pop-up information stall to showcase what support is available locally and nationally and arrange 1-1 or group smoking cessation advice on site if staff members are ready to address their smoking.

You can also signpost employees to the local stop smoking service   

NHS Health Checks

Free NHS Health Checks for adults over the age of 40 are available for Brighton & Hove workplaces, and are carried out by a trained nurse who will come to your workplace. It can tell your staff whether they’re at higher risk of getting certain health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke. As well as measuring their risk of developing these health problems, an NHS Health Check gives them advice on how to prevent them.

Wellbeing checks for staff

Wellbeing checks help staff feel valued and encourage lifestyle changes. Appointments last about 45 minutes and are carried out by Health Trainers who will check blood pressure and body mass index. Staff have the opportunity to discuss their results, explore how well they are feeling and plan any healthy lifestyle changes.

For more information on these services please email