Parent Guidance

Parent guidance/advice is a very important aspect of the pre-school provision offered by the SNS. Our teachers work alongside parents offering information and support as soon as a hearing or visual impairment has been diagnosed. Advice is given on developmental and educational issues arising from the impairment. Regular contact with parents also enables the teachers to discuss the options and possibilities for future educational provision. SNS teachers liaise between parents and organised groups such as playgroups, nursery schools, voluntary organisations and other associated support services.

Visiting teachers

The service has a team of visting teachers who go in to the Authority's mainstream and special schools attended by sensory impaired pupils. They advise heads and teachers on the educational implications of sensory impairment and recommended strategies to facilitate HI and VI pupil's access to the curriculum. Advice on strategies to support children in pre-school settings is also provided. Visiting teachers work with children and young people from pre-school through to Further Education. Children's progress is monitored using a range of assessment materials. Appropriate targets are identified which may form part of the child's Individual Education Plan.

Children's Hearing Services Working Group: CHSWG

This is a locally based multi-agency group working together to provide for, and meet the needs of, all children within our area who have been identified as having a hearing loss.

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Hearing Support Facility (HSF) for Children with Hearing Impairment

A small number of children have needs which are best met in a HSF staffed by qualified teachers of the hearing impaired in a mainstream school. The service is responsible for the staffing and overall management of the HSF at Bevendean Primary School. Some secondary age pupils attend Lewes Priory School in East Sussex where there is a successful HSF. We also use East Sussex's Willingdon Primary School where the HSF uses 'Total Communication' for a small group of children.

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We provide and maintain radio aids and other audiological equipment for hearing impaired pupils on our caseload. We also give a full audiological service in co-operation with the Health Authority. Out team also help to provide specialist access technology available for loan for our visually impaired pupils, for assessment purposes, and teachers offer a small library of large print books to the children thay are working with. Our team then offer advice to schools and parents on the management of the resources provided, so that full and effective use can be made of them.

Educational Assessment

Teachers in the Sensory Needs Service are experienced in offering advice on the needs of sensory impaired pupils in educational assessment procedures. Special arrangements may be made and test materials, and their manner of presentation, can be modified (and/or extra time allowed) in Standard Assessment Tasks, GCSE's, A-Levels and GNVQ's

In Service Training

Teachers from the SNS annually offer INSET at Brighton & Hove's Professional Development Centre to mainstream and special school teachers who have hearing impaired or visually impaired children in their classes, and to Learning Support Assistants working with sensory impaired pupils. School based INSET is given as the need arises. Sensory Needs Service teachers also offer INSET to the staff of nurseries and playgroups attended by sensory impaired children.