Health Trainers

Want to make a positive change to your health, but not sure how? Our health trainers can help.

What do health trainers do?

Health trainers offer one-to-one advice, support and encouragement. They can help you:

  • explore the benefits of making a change
  • find out what the guidelines are around physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and smoking
  • decide the lifestyle changes that are most important to you
  • learn how to set goals you are more likely to achieve
  • understand what gets in the way of making changes and create ways of coping with difficult situations
  • build motivation and confidence to help you keep going

 Health trainers can also help you find activities and other support near to where you live. The service is free and confidential.

Who can get support?

To qualify for free support, you need to be over 18, living in Brighton & Hove and interested in committing to one or more of the following:

  • eating more healthily
  • becoming more physically active
  • drinking less alcohol
  • quitting smoking

How does it work?

We arrange face-to-face meetings with you, in any of a number of venues across the city. We can also offer support by telephone or email.

Once you’ve got in touch, we'll call you for an initial chat. If you’d like to, we can then arrange a time to meet. We can meet with you up to six times.

For more information please contact the Healthy Lifestyles Team by phone on 01273 294589, or email