Drugs - get support

Keep Calm and Talk

It can be difficult to talk to teenagers about the harm caused by cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. 

We've teamed up with Right Here Brighton & Hove we've put together advice, support and information for parents and carers to use to help start the conversation and to help challenge widespread misinformation and myths. Have a look at the Keep Calm and Talk website for:

  • Advice on how to start the conversation 
  • Choose your moment 
  • Recognise young people's knowledge and understanding 
  • Keep it real 
  • It's not what you say, it's how you say it 
  • Facts on smoking, drinking and drugs 
  • Information about where to go to get support locally 

There are a number of drug treatment services available in the city which offer free information, advice and treatment to those affected by drugs (and / or alcohol).

Use the links below to find the right service for you

Adults aged 18 and over - go to the Pavilions website

Women and their children -  the Oasis Project provides services exclusively to women and children

Young people - RU-OK? the young person's substance misuse service for Brighton & Hove

Support for the families, friends and carers of substance users - get information on the Pavilions website

Mutual Aid / Peer Support - go to the useful links on the Pavilions website

Cascade is a Recovery Cafe in Brighton 

My Life directory lists services and organisations in Brighton and Hove offering drug and alcohol support