Ageing well

We’re committed to creating an inclusive and accessible city for all. To ensure this includes our older population, Brighton & Hove is a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age Friendly City (AFC) network where we share ideas, best practice and information to help us make our city a place where older people feel fully included. By working with policy makers, service providers and older people in our city, we can continually assess and improve the city’s ‘age friendliness’. 

  • Get involved and have your say on issues affecting older people in the city.
  • Get social care support if you are over 65, care for an elderly friend or relative, or have concerns about an older person.
  • Get active with activities, advice and classes to help keep you active in Brighton & Hove.
  • My Life directory lists services, organisations and activities in Brighton & Hove offering healthy ageing support.
  • Age UK provides a range of services to support the needs of older people in Brighton & Hove.
  • It’s Local Actually is a directory of activities and services to support disabled and older people to live independently (provided by Possability People)

Older People's Festival

Each year we support Impact Initiatives to organise a festival that showcases and celebrates the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and economy and tackle outdated attitudes and negative stereotypes around ageing. 

Have a look at this short film to get a flavour of the 2018 Older People’s Festival.    

Stay strong and steady

Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing, and it’s never too early to take preventative steps such as fall proofing our homes, remaining active as we get older and doing simple exercises designed to improve strength and balance.

Consider simple changes to stay strong and steady, retain independence and avoid the traumatic consequences of a fall. 

  • Build more exercise into your day – use the stairs rather than the lift, get off the bus one stop early, go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Follow a healthy diet that includes enough calcium and vitamin D
  • Do weight bearing exercise to strengthen your bones, as well as exercises to improve your balance and strength
  • At home, avoid rugs and sloppy slippers – both can cause trips
  • Have your eyesight checked regularly (free to anyone over 60)
  • Report any uneven pavements and roads    

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