Sustainable events

Sustainable event support and guidance

If you’re wondering what Sustainable Events is all about, watch our short film which we hope will inspire you to make your event more sustainable.

You can download a written description of the Running a Sustainable Event film video [PDF 211KB]

We have also produced support and guidance to help you to identify things you can do make a positive contribution to the environment, society and the local economy; including the a Sustainable Event Commitment you can sign up to and information about local suppliers of sustainable event products and services.

Sustainable event commitment forms

Download a list of sustainable event suppliers

How the council is supporting sustainable events

Our Recycling Food Waste at Outdoor Events has been shortlisted for a National Recycling Award. Read about our FoodWISE project [PDF 834KB].

Our Sustainable Events Programme is part of our Environmental Management System (EMS). The programme meets two world class standards for Environmental Management and Sustainable Events (ISO 14001 and ISO 20121). It covers all outdoor events on council land, Hove Town Hall and indoor events at the Brighton Centre.

As part of the programme, we're working hard to reduce energy and water use at council buildings. At the Brighton Centre we've installed LED lighting, timers and motion sensors. The building is powered by 100% renewable electricity and we have introduced comprehensive recycling facilities. We've acquired a baling machine for recycling cardboard.

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