Saving water

Why save water?


Brighton & Hove’s water comes only from underground sources and so we are vulnerable to short, severe droughts. Climate change will mean that we are likely to see longer periods without rain and water shortage in the future.

Water meters encourage us to use less water. They are installed in 41 per cent of households in the city. Southern Water aims to install a water meter in every household by 2015.

Top water saving tips

Use water wisely and you can save water, energy, and money – and cut your carbon footprint too. See these water saving tips from the Energy Saving Trust.

Useful links

  • Southern Water provides water saving advice for your home, garden or business.
  • The Environment Agency is the regulator for water issues.
  • The Sustainable Business Partnership helps businesses iin the South East region save money through energy, waste and water efficiency. Membership is free.
  • WRAP provide business advice on reducing water use and improving resource efficiency.
  • The Water Guide has information on all UK water companies: who they are, how to contact them and what services they offer