Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

A  Display Energy Certificate (DEC) shows the energy performance of a building based on how much energy it uses every year.

This rating is shown on a scale from A to G, where A is the lowest CO2 emissions and G is the highest CO2 emissions.

A DEC is valid for one year and must be updated annually.  The Certificate must be displayed in a prominent place and clearly visible to members of the public.

Each DEC is accompanied by an advisory report outlining a range of improvements that could improve the energy performance of the building. The report is valid for 7 years.

A building will need a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and an advisory report if all the following apply:

  • It has a total floor area of over 500 square metres.
  • It is at least partially occupied by a public authority or an institution providing public services.
  • It is frequently visited by the public.

Examples of buildings that must have a DEC include:

  • Local authority buildings .
  • Libraries
  • Public sports facilities such as leisure centres
  • Education centres such as schools, universities and colleges
  • NHS trusts

For more info visit the Gov.uk website.