Wheelie bins & bin bags

Wheelie bins are used across Brighton & Hove because they help cut down the amount of litter in our city and make collections easier and more efficient. The collections crew walking between the truck and properties end up walking an average of 15 miles every day.

Where to put your wheelie bin

Please place your wheelie bin on or by the pavement, at the front edge of your property, the night before your collection or for 6.00am on the day of collection. This helps us collect on a very tight schedule. Please remove your wheelie bin from the pavement after collection.

If you are elderly, disabled or for any other reason not able to put your bin by the pavement for collection please request an assisted collection. We can then discuss setting up a collection service to collect and return the bin from an area best for you.

Black bin bags

small image of someone holding a black refuse bag

Black bin bags are used in areas of the city where wheelie and communal street bins are not suitable. It is important that black refuse bags are not put out early for collection as this can cause litter and obstructions. 

  • Place your black bin bags on or by the pavement, at the front of your property, the night before or before 6.00am on the day of collection. 
  • We will only take four bags of rubbish from each house

Please see our reduce your waste page or order more recycling boxes if you are putting out more than four bags.

To avoid the bags getting ripped open by animals we would recommend:

  • double bagging your refuse or using thick bags
  • putting it out as close to 6am on your collection day as possible
  • using a council wheelie bin - you can request a wheelie bin providing you can store it off the pavement between collections

If you are elderly, disabled or for any other reason not able to put your bags by the pavement for collection please ask us for an assisted collection. We can then discuss setting up a collection service to collect your rubbish from an area best for you.

What you can put in your bin

The wheelie bins are for household rubbish only. It may not be collected if it contains anything that is not household waste. This includes electrical items, clothes and DIY waste. Such waste should be:

We are unable to collect any extra bags left by the side of the bin. Please see our reduce your waste page, order more recycling boxes or apply for a larger bin if you are finding it hard to fit all your rubbish into the wheelie bin.

Why we provide wheelie bins

small image of refuse being collected

Wheelie bins help you by:

  • giving you somewhere outside to store your refuse between collections
  • being easily movable - you don't have to lift the bin, just wheel it along
  • making collections easier - you can leave your bin by the pavement for collection, you don't have to remember to put your bags out for the right day

They help the city by:

  • keeping the streets clean - bags are not split open by animals
  • making the pavements accessible and free from obstructions

They also help our collection crews by:

  • making collections quicker and easier - this saves tax payers' money
  • making collections safer - staff don't have to handle bags which could have hazardous items in them

Collection delays

Blocked access

Vehicle obstructions

Please help us when parking on narrow streets, by not causing obstructions for our vehicles, especially on recycling and refuse collection days, as our drivers often have to go through very tight roads to complete their rounds.

Emergency road works can also delay your collection if they prevent our collection crews from entering your road.

If drivers cannot access a road due to parked cars or other obstructions on the road, then they may be forced to return later or another day delaying your collection.

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