What happens to your recycling

Did you know that we recycle over 30 different materials in Brighton & Hove? Nearly 95% of them are sent to and processed in the UK, with the majority of this happening in Sussex.

Around 90% of what we collect gets recycled. The rest can’t be recycled and gets removed at the Hollingdean Materials Recovery facility (MRF).

The total recycling rate for the MRF – which also takes materials from elsewhere – is currently around 85%.

You can go to our how your recycling is sorted page to see what happens to your recycling from the black boxes, recycling points and communal recycling from flats before it is sent for processing.

Below is a map showing where your recycling is sent and processed. You can click on the map to go to the 'what happens to your recycling' Google map which also shows you what the recycling is turned into.

A map showing where Brighton & Hove's recycling materials are sent and processed


A map of Brighton & Hove's recycling which gets sent and processed in the south of England


The map here shows that two thirds of the city's recycling materials are sent and processed in the south of England. You can find more information about the city's recycled materials on the tables below.



Black box recycling

Find out more about the black box recycling scheme and also see our recycling faq.

Recycling points

Find out more about the recycling points.

Recycling centres

Find out more about the recycling centres.

Please bear in mind that the above information is correct as of December 2011 and may vary slightly according to the recycling market conditions.

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