What can I take to the recycling centres?

We have two household recycling centres (commonly called tips or dumps). We have a larger one based in Hove, near Aldrington station, and a smaller one in Brighton, off Wilson Avenue.

No business, commercial or trade waste is accepted at these centres.

For more information on who can use the recycling centres, and how to get to them, check the recycling centres page.

Safety first

For your own safety, please make sure that the waste you are taking to the recycling centres is manageable and that you are able to unload it safely. Heavy waste such as rubble and containers such as Hippo bags can cause problems on site. The staff are not required to help with excessively heavy or awkward waste due to health and safety so please do your best to make sure your load is manageable.

General household recycling

Both Hove and Brighton recycling centres take normal household recycling:

  • paper
  • glass
  • cans
  • cardboard
  • plastic bottles

Other household items

Both Brighton and Hove centres take:

  • vegetable oil
  • CDs and DVDs
  • books
  • textiles (including clothes)
  • mattresses

Fire Extinguishers

Hove recycling centre also takes small household fire extinguishers. Commercial or business fire extinguishers should be taken back to where you bought them.

Charity reuse at Hove

CDs, DVDs and books are all donated to charity if taken to the Hove site

Electrical items

Both Hove and Brighton recycling centres take:

  • TVs
  • monitors
  • small electrical items (including mobile phones and hairdryers)
  • large electrical items (including washing machines and dishwashers
  • fridges and freezers
  • household batteries
  • car batteries
  • energy saving light bulbs
  • fluorescent tube light bulbs

Mobile phones

Guide Dogs UK get a donation for every mobile phone collected. Every 1500 phones is enough to buy a new guide dog puppy.

Furniture and bric-a-brac

Furniture or bric-a-brac items in good condition, taken to the Hove site, may be sold on by the YMCA shop to raise money for charity. Please ask a member of staff on site for advice.

DIY and garden waste

Both Hove and Brighton take:

  • timber
  • MDF/wood composites
  • scrap metal
  • engine oil
  • plasterboard – only four sheets or six small builder’s bags for each house hold each month
  • hardcore, rubble, ceramics and soil – only six small builder’s bags for each household each month
  • household hazardous chemicals – Must be in a secure container. We do not take industrial chemicals.

Garden waste

Both sites take garden waste, which is composted and turned into soil conditioner and sold. Please remove plastic bags, string and other bindings.


Both sites take paint. If in secure containers, we donate it for reuse by community and charity projects.

Gas bottles

Hove recycling centre will take gas bottles. In general gas bottles remain the property of the manufacturer, and so should be returned to them, or to where you bought the gas.


Hove recycling centre can take plasterboard asbestos.

We can accept up to four sheets or six small builder’s bags of plasterboard asbestos per household per month. Asbestos must be wrapped in two layers of plastic.

If you are planning on visiting a centre with asbestos make sure that you bring two forms of identification to prove you live in the city including one form of photo ID.

Bonded asbestos is often grey in colour and looks similar to cement - if you are in any doubt please have the material checked. When handling bonded asbestos you should wear goggles, a face mask and gloves. Do not break the asbestos into smaller pieces or cut or saw it. If you have any smaller pieces please make sure you dampen them down with water.

For more information go to the health and safety executive asbestos page.

General waste

Please ensure all material that can be reused or recycled is removed from anything being placed in the general waste. If you are unsure please ask a member of staff.


Please note that you cannot take unused fireworks to the recycling centres. Unused fireworks should be returned to where you brought them from.

Used fireworks are safe to dispose of in with your normal refuse but we would advise you to soak them in water overnight to ensure there is no chance of them re-igniting.

Petrol and Diesel

Please note that you cannot take petrol and diesel to the recycling centres. Petrol and diesel should be taken to a garage for reuse or disposal.

Japanese knotweed

This weed cannot be taken to either of the recycling centres under any circumstances.

Disposal requires a professional specialist due to the extremely aggressive nature of the weed. For more information on the disposal of this weed please visit the Environment Agency’s Japanese knotweed page.


Ragwort is harmful to animals. When handling you should wear gloves and a mask.

When cutting the plant, ensure the heads are removed first and bagged immediately to avoid spilling any seeds.


Neither centre can recycle toys.

Business waste

The recycling centres are only for household waste from city residents. Business waste will not be accepted.

Business waste is any waste from commercial, trade or business activities. This includes any waste from domestic properties used for profit (for example landlords taking waste from a rented property) and waste that is being removed for payment.

Staff reserve the right to inspect any waste entering the recycling centres. If they suspect the waste is business waste you may be turned away. We then may arrange a visit to your property from an enforcement officer.

Find out more on our business rubbish and recycling page.

Contact the tip

Still have a question? You can call Veolia South Downs directly on 08453 550 550