Street sweeping

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In Brighton & Hove we have over 650 miles of pavement. Our street cleaning staff work all year round to keep these and the city clear from litter, leaves, grit and other items.

What we do

small image of a street being sweptOur street sweeping staff take a lot of pride in their job and ensure that the city’s streets are swept on a regular basis. Heavily used areas like the city centre and the seafront receive daily attention due to the amount of litter created. Less busy and residential streets receive a sweep when necessary, in most cases once a week.

Litter and detritus (leaves, grit and other natural material which has broken down) is collected together from the pavements and road side by our street sweeping staff. This is then put into beige coloured bags and placed on street corners and by litter bins for our street cleaning staff to quickly collect using caged vehicles. Caged vehicles are flatbed trucks with a large wire frame on the back. These vehicles are also used for removing fly-tips and clearing litter bins  across the city.

Our street sweeping service adapts to the seasons as shown below.


In summer when the number of people walking through our city increases our street sweeping staff extend the time spent in the busy areas. This includes the city centre, shopping areas and the seafront.


In autumn our street sweepers spend time collecting a total of around 80 tonnes of fallen leaves from the pavements and road sides.


In winter our street sweeping staff help in gritting the city and ensuring as much of it as possible is kept clear and safe.

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