Street jet washing, chewing gum removal and motorised road sweepers

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We have many machines within our street cleaning teams which help keep the city clean. These include a jet wash machine, a chewing gum removal machine and motorised street sweepers known as scarabs.

Street jet washing

Our jet washing team remove substances, stains and spills from the city's pavements. Along with this they also help with rapid response issues such as accidents and offensive graffiti.

The team work use pressurised water jets which are attached to a truck by a long hose. This means that they are able to access most areas across the city but can be limited sometimes if the area needing cleaning is far from a road.

Motorised street sweepers

small image of a motorised street sweeper

The motorised street sweepers, often called scarabs, are small truck vehicles used to clear litter and detritus (broken down leaves, grit and soil) from roads and the edge of roads. They have large rotating brushes and a device like a vacuum cleaner which pull in and contain all the litter and detritus collected.

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