Seafront litter

No litter poster

Throughout the year millions of people visit our beaches, promenade and lawns and most leave them as they found them. Unfortunately though, too many leave behind items of litter which can quickly build up despite our beach cleaners best efforts.

Last year we launched a campaign to remind and encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. We're doing this again this year and getting the message out there using banners along the seafront, social media and by hosting beach clean events.

What you can do

Use the bins and spread the message!

We have hundreds of bins across the city centre, along the seafront and even on the beach itself to make it easy for you to dispose of your litter. They include:

  • street litter bins
  • large recycling bins
  • big seafront litter bins
  • large wheelie litter bins (during busy periods)
  • temporary yellow litter bins (on the beach during busy periods)
  • barbecue bins

We also ask that you please do not take glass onto the beach as if for any reason it smashes it is an obvious hazard that is difficult to clear up.

The big beach clean-up

People helping clean the beach

Thanks to everyone who came along to help with this year's big beach clean-up. Over 200 volunteers gave their time to get an idea of what our beach cleaners do.

We worked with local businesses and The Argus to get the city involved and with everyone's help we managed to pick up dozens of bags of litter, so many thanks to all who came along.

Recycling on the beach

It’s easy to recycle on the beach - between and around the two piers we have many recycling bins. Here you can put cans and tins, plastic bottles, card and paper, and, if you have any, glass in a separate recycling bin.

Across the city we recycle over 30 different materials, nearly all of which are processed in the UK. Find out more on our what happens to your recycling page.

Barbecues on the beach and Hove Lawns

Barbecues create a large amount of smoke which can upset people nearby, especially on our busy beaches. They also quickly heat up pebbles that will stay extremely hot for a long time or can burn the grass if you barbecue on the lawns. For these reasons we ask that you please do not use barbecues on the lawns and respect our guide on where and when you can barbecue on the beach.

If you are using a disposable barbecue, when you're finished please cool it down by pouring water over it. Then use our special barbecue bins to dispose of it, they're located along the promenade.