Report a missed bin or recycling box collection

If we haven't taken your rubbish or recycling, there may be a reason for this, which might include the following:

Our vehicle could not gain access due to a badly parked vehicle; scaffolding on a building, or roadworks which make the road narrower or dangerous for our vehicles to negotiate. Let us know if you see something which may stop us collecting from your road.

If your whole street has been missed it may be for one of the reasons given above, or we may have been delayed by a vehicle breakdown.

If this happens, leave your bin or box out and we will try to come back on the next working day.

We won't collect if

If we can't take it, we will come again on your next rubbish, recycling or garden waste collection day

Our crews have until 5pm to finish their rounds. If you can see that the crew have already been and it was just you that was missed, please contact us as soon you can so we can try to get back to you quicker.

Communal bins

If your rubbish or recycling is collected communally, and is overflowing or not picked up. You need to let us know using our street cleaning form.

Contact us

If you have problems reporting, you can email us at

Once you report a missed collection, we will not normally call you back. If you have any questions about missed collections, please call our team on 01273 292929.

Check our contact page for other ways of getting in touch.