Reduce your waste

There are many simple ways to reduce your waste. By following the simple reduce, reuse, recycle method you can save money and help the environment.

Reduce reuse recycle

large diagram showing the most to least favored options for waste


This means reducing the amount of the earth's resources we use.

Consider what you are buying, is it necessary, could you reuse something you already have or borrow something from someone else? This could range from not buying food which is then wasted to having a broken electrical item fixed rather than buying a new one.


This means not just throwing items away and instead reusing them or passing them on for someone else to reuse.

Before you dispose or recycle items consider if you could reuse them or if someone else could reuse them. This could range from refilling a plastic drinks bottle or reusing cans as small seed pots to swapping items with friends or buying and selling second hand items.


The means making materials into something new.

A large number of materials can be recycled either in the black recycling boxes, at recycling points across the city or at the two recycling centres. Before throwing anything away consider if you could recycle it instead. This could range from composting your food waste to using you local recycling centre to recycle old electrical items.

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