Recycling wheelie bins

Recycling bin graphicWe are introducing a new way to collect your recycling. Following a successful trial in Hangleton and Portslade, we'll be rolling out wheelie bins for recycling in all suitable areas across the city. 

We will be delivering the recycling bins in phases over the summer, and will be notifying residents in the relevant areas before - please keep an eye out for the leaflet explaining when the bin will be delivered and how to use it. The bins are being used for recycling paper, card, cans and plastic bottles.

All glass must be recycled separately in the black boxes the households already have. We then load the glass into a different compartment in our collection trucks to keep it separate from the other materials. 

There will be no change to recycling or rubbish collection days.

Why are we introducing wheelie bins for recycling?

Residents tell us that it is not always easy to recycle using black boxes. We believe that replacing the recycling boxes with a 240 litre wheelie bin will make it easier for you to recycle. Research shows that other councils moving to this method of collection have increased their recycling.

Around 4,000 households in Hangleton and Portslade took part in a trial from November 2015. The trial resulted in a 4% increase in the recycling and the overall feedback from residents was extremely positive. Due to that, we have decided to roll this out across the city. 

What do you need to do?

Residents use the 240 litre grey wheelie bins for recycling your tins and cans (including aerosols), paper, cardboard and plastic bottles, and continue to use the black recycling boxes for all glass. They take recycling that would normally fill 4 to 5 of our black boxes.

Residents then need to put them both out near the kerb on your collection day as you do now.

Please only put tins and cans (including aerosols), paper, cardboard and plastic bottles into the grey wheelie bin – any other materials will contaminate the recycling and your bin may not be emptied.

What if I need a smaller or larger bin?

If you require a smaller 140 litre wheelie bin for your recycling or a larger 360 litre wheelie bin you can contact us at or call us on 01273 292929. 

Why does glass have to be collected in boxes?

A lot of the glass we pick up breaks during collection. If it isn’t kept separate, broken glass is difficult to remove from the paper and means we might not be able to recycle the paper. To guarantee a high quality of paper for the recycling market, we need to keep glass separate.

Why don’t you collect plastic tubs and trays?

Plastic bottles are made of higher grade plastics for which we have guaranteed recycling markets. Most plastic tubs and trays are made of lower grade plastics and we do not have guaranteed markets for these, so we cannot currently recycle these materials.

To maintain the quality of materials we recycle, please don’t put plastic tubs and trays in your recycling bin – put these in your refuse bin. We will let you know if that situation changes and we are able to recycle lower grade plastics.

So remember if it’s a plastic bottle, please recycle it - any other plastic please put in your refuse bin.

What will happen to my recycling boxes?

Residents were asked to keep one or two boxes for glass recycling, and put any boxes no longer needed out for us to collect. All spares are being used elsewhere in the city.