Recycling points

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We have more than 70 recycling points across Brighton & Hove. At these we collect large amounts of household recycling such as paper, glass and cans. We also recycle a large amount of more unusual items, including more than 100 bras a day and a tonne of toys every month.

Find out what happens to your recycling - use our map to see where it is sent and processed and what it ends up as

The recycling points

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The recycling points, sometimes known as bring sites, are spread throughout the city. They are made up of a number of bins which are maintained and collected by the council and other companies and charities.

What you can recycle at the recycling points

Not all of the materials below can be taken to all of our recycling points. You can find your nearest recycling point and check which materials can be recycled there. You can also take other materials not listed to our recycling centres


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