Recycling or refuse left out early or all the time

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It is important that recycling and refuse is put on or by the pavement so that we can collect it on our collection day. Problems can form however if bins or recycling boxes are put out early or left out all the time.

Why this is a problem

We are always trying to do as much as we can to keep our city clean and tidy. This includes informing people how to use our services so they continue to use them correctly.

Putting recycling or refuse out early or leaving it out all the time can:

  • look unattractive
  • cause obstructions on the street
  • create litter on the pavement
  • attract animals and pests

For these reasons we are strict on people who do not follow our guidelines. Problem addresses could receive a letter and a visit from a manager.

Black recycling boxes

Black boxes must be taken in by residents if possible after collection. If these are put out early or left out, litter is often dropped into them. This causes problems with sorting the recycling and so the contents may not be collected. If this happens, the box may also overflow with litter which will fall out into the street.

In addition winds can blow an empty box across the pavement or road and this can cause an obstruction if not collected.

To ensure that recycling from black boxes isn't blown onto the street, please put the box out early and cover it with a net or lid. Please check our black box recycling page for information on how to use your boxes.

Wheelie bins

Some areas have these stored on the pavement permanently if there is no room to store them off the pavement. This would however only be in areas with wide pavements.

Most areas are required to pull the wheelie bins in after collection to ensure the pavements are kept free from obstruction. For this reason we ask that you please store your wheelie bin off the pavement between collections where possible.

Please check our wheelie bin page for information on how to use your bin..

Black sacks

small image of a seagull ripping open a black refuse sack

If these are put out early animals like seagulls, foxes and cats can rip them open and spill the refuse over the street. To avoid this we ask that residents put them out the night before or on the day of collection.

Please check our black refuse bags page for information on how to use them.

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