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See electrical appliances and electrical equipment.

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Kitchen waste

See food.

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Kitchen cupboards

Reuse Sell, or donate locally using Freegle and other online platforms

A limited number of kitchen cupboards from home improvements or DIY can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Sites.

The recycling centres are only for household waste from city residents. Business waste will not be accepted.

Business waste is any waste from commercial, trade or business activities. This includes any waste from domestic properties used for profit (for example landlords taking waste from a rented property) and waste that is being removed for payment.

Our staff have the right to inspect any waste entering the recycling sites.

If they suspect the waste is business waste the person will be turned away.

Find out more on our business rubbish and recycling page.

Thank you for doing the right thing. Leaving/dumping kitchen cupboards on the street, other land or beside a communal bin is illegal fly-tipping.

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Kitchen and paper towels

Recycle Cannot be recycled in your household recycling because they are made of thin fibres that make recycling extremely difficult. They are also very often contaminated spills or messes, the food waste, grease or dirt which also makes them non-recyclable.
Dispose In your household rubbish.

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Reuse Sell or donate locally to a charity shop, or online using Freegle.
Recycle Take to one of the city’s Household Waste Recycling Sites and put in the metal container.

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